How to take care of your immunity

Which body part took center stage in everybody’s life in the last few years? 

Yup, the lungs. 

In this blog, I’ll share with how to keep your lungs healthy and my top recommendations for combating the systemic inflammation that has people allergic, breathless and worn out.

Read more about:

  • How to protect your health by supporting your innate and adaptive immune system processes.
  • My top two foods for combating inflammation before supplementation.
  • Why Well Fed Warriors use The 72-Hour Rule for longevity and daily resilience.

I’ll never forget when my volleyball coach said

“If you want more stamina and strength you have to “suck wind.” 

I’d never heard it phrased that way and honestly, doubting what she meant would work. Then, after my 10th lap around the court, I knew exactly what she meant. 

I was an open-mouth vacuum asking for all the O2 I could get. 

This isn’t a fitness post, but her point is often something we forget about. The intimate connection of your daily efforts and your breath. As a yoga instructor, I see it all the time. 

If you’re overwhelmed or freaking out, you’re probably not breathing deeply enough…robbing yourself of the necessary oxygen for brain performance. Book a complimentary coaching session here.

Research shows that intentional breath work called the Buteyko technique used over 6 months improved asthma control and reduced inhaled corticosteroids (asthma inhalers, something 3-year-old me desperately needed at the time) used in the study’s participants (Rakel).

Your Magical Immune System

Cytokines are our body’s natural siren-blaring firefighting trucks that signal our innate and adaptive immune responses to protect ourselves from outside microbes, dust particles, that person’s stench, or airborne illness.

  1. Innate immune response = all your gorgeous warrior cells that fight, tag, and remove attackers.
  2. Adaptive immune response = all the special ops teams cells that know a past attacker and the strategy for defeat. 

*stands on soapbox* These physiological processes have and always will be inside, working hard, helping you recover as fast as you can. Your job is to help them or get out of the way. 

>>> Curious how to do this yourself? Text me on the right side of your screen, I’d be happy to meet you and help you thrive.

Combating Inflammation

Chronic inflammation and overactive immune response can be healed. To do this, we must be detectives to find out what foods or toxins you put in your body frequently. 

Airborne irritants in the home can be dust, pet dander, pesticides like Raid, chemical disinfectants, and synthetic air fragrances (Cohn and Vom Saal). 

It’s no surprise your body functions are all connected. 

Hangry every? …the fried chicken, milky, food-colored, quick, cheap, “easy” meal isn’t helping your lung power. 

It triggers inflammatory responses in the gut which ALSO TURNS ON that stress response *firefighters to the rescue…again*

Not to worry Well Fed Warrior, there are foods that heal dysbiosis (poor gut immunity) and can promote better immune response in your 16-foot food tube. 

Suggested food for inflammation and gut healing include; 

      • Cold water fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids that act as a natural antioxidants.

      • Citrus fruits are high in Vitamin C are protective and support histamine (allergy) metabolism.

    By considering these items and avoiding processed, packaged foods the body can begin to heal your dysbiosis and boost immunity.

    The Well Fed Warrior 72-Hour Rule

    In our home, we have The 72-Hour Rule. Poor diet from the vacation? Hung over from the wedding? Regretting saying “it’s my life I’ll eat it all!”

    Cue the Well Fed Warrior 72-Hour Rule

    Take out all inflamers foods (alcohol, dairy, sweets, gluten, nightshades) and focus on nutrient-rich, whole organic foods from the earth. 

    For 72 hours you rest your digestive tract, sweat it out daily, and eat good antioxidant-rich foods from the earth. Aim for 70% of your plate from organic plant material.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to read this blog. I hope you found it insightful! Comment your takeaways! For specific conditions or if you’d like to learn more about how to do this mini-reset text with me on the right side of your screen, I’d be happy to meet you and help you thrive.

    This does not replace your personal physician’s medical advice and is general wellness information for all.


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