Well Fed Warrior Equip Kit (e-kit)

When it comes to losing weight, hard-work in the right direction can provide lasting results faster than a cookie-cutter diet. This kit equips you with the vital information that will support your weight loss and detoxification with 2 actionable steps to begin your transformation. First, complete our kitchen clean up that will empower you to reflect on your current health lifestyle. Second, create your new lifestyle using our meal structuring guide.


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Why the Well Fed Warrior Equip Kit?

Build a solid foundation for your natural health lifestyle

Your lifestyle will be more successful with a foundation of health habits.


1.Economical and Flexible

It’s a self-guided program to help you learn where toxins are and how to detoxify from them. A solid foundation will make sure you never go out of confidence. The Well Fed Warrior Equip-Kit is an affordable download that allows you to equip yourself for a healthy lifestyle intimately with yourself and family. It is a simple kitchen clean up and meal structuring guide that is sufficient for an astonishing change that you want to see in yourself.


2. 24 x 7 Coaching

It is difficult to manage time, especially when you are bound with a trainer. As a result, people lose interest and get back to their ordinary life. But to make sure you never skip your goal, the program includes enormous knowledge on how to lose weight on your own. All the opinions, tips, and tricks are given by some renowned experts, which will surely help you lose weight.


3. Advance Information on Health

Apart from understanding preventive health care, this program will also teach you how to take care of your body with more information, so that you can see great results. The Well Fed Warrior E-kit program will increase your wisdom on health. You will be able to identify nourishment enhancers such as biodiverse plant options and good fats, as well as, nourishment stealers, like pesticides and toxins. Learning and applying this will make sure you are on the right track.


4. More Understanding of Your Body

Many people don’t know what energy levels they need for losing weight. In the same way, they are unsure about the number of carbohydrates, proteins, and other minerals required for speeding up the process. This results in a heart-break because no changes are found. But don’t worry, because with our E-kit you will increase your knowledge, and become equipped with the majority of the things necessary to lose pounds.


5. Freedom of Choosing Your Diet

Eating the same food over and over again is quite boring. But how about adding a new and healthy menu to your list? Yes! This plan brings Meal Structuring Guide that helps in detoxification to keep you motivated all day.


6. More Healing and Better Results

The Well Fed Warrior E-kit assures healing and  nourishment for your soul and body. All the included ways to keep you fit will give you great reasons for celebrating your transformation. Furthermore, you will enjoy being an active member of the perfect social environment that is made to bring a revolutionary change in your body and mind – Well Fed Warriors.


Undoubtedly, the Well Fed Warrior E-kit is a must-have plan for the people who want to understand their health lifestyle, build lasting wellness and get slim without risking their health. So if you wish to become your own trainer, then this the best thing you can get for yourself.


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