Recognize and Release Stress

Let’s break the stress cycle.

Hi, I’m Mia a holistic nutritionist with a passion for bringing more peace and power into my client’s lives. Ready to leverage your health to increase energy and manifest the life you love?

It’s no simple feat to set your perspective straight when your feeling hopeless, overwhelmed, exhausted. My hope is this article finds you, serves your soul, and reminds you there’s a big life to live and you are the main character.

If there’s anything you should know about me is efficiency is a big deal in my life. 10 years ago it ran my life — I’d see things going on and want to do “even more” to make it “even better” – I got really good at self-sacrificing at the expense of my happiness and health. It was slow to start with plenty of trial and error but I learned to watch my thoughts, change my mood with food, and give more space to the things I love personally, even as professionally things got busier. Now I successfully teach people to witness, learn from, and grow beyond the patterns of stress holding them hostage. It’s a spiritual and biological process you can do right at this moment. Mind Your Fire, Ride Life’s Wave.

Let’s try my top three strategies that work in your favor every day.

1. Harness stress relief using all 5 of your senses. 

Sound: Switch to instrumental music (without words). If you feel great after meditating and fall off through your day, using healing frequencies playlists is a great way to stay connected.

Touch: The skin is our largest organ, reconnect to nature with whole body moisturizing. Use coconut oil to deeply massaging muscles, bring loving-kindness to your routine.

Sight: Give your eyes a break from screen time every 30 minutes.

Smell: Fresh citrus smells are uplifting and energizing, peel an orange or get outside and smell the flowers.

Taste: Chew your food until it’s goo. Not only will you enjoy good-tasting food longer, but you’ll get full faster helping you look and feel your best.

2. Get courageous and communicate boundaries.

Break free from expectations you “believe” others are putting on you — ask them instead, make it an agreement. From my heart to yours please remember your best is a good enough start and authenticity is never a bad thing. Be kind with your request of others, come from the heart, and practice being the “you” that feels most alive.

Avoid information overload for yourself: Can it wait?

Attack the issues at hand, not the people involved. Dissolve miscommunication with face-to-face communication on video or in-person. Then trust you’ve done the best and let go. Click below to work on this specific practice, I’m happy to help you integrate it.

3. Take on an attitude of “no big deals.” Ask yourself: Is it urgent? Is it important?

For a long time, my instant response was “but it is!!!” Whether it’s life or business it’s human nature to fall into a pattern with your attitude, communication, and beliefs. When you take on the attitude of no big deals (even if you don’t feel it in your body…yet) you liberate yourself from a narrow, dare I say selfish, perspective of what’s actually going on.

Our mission at Firewave Wellness is to support your journey to a life of vitality. Deepen your connection to self with a complimentary coaching call and see if our programs are a fit for your lifestyle and dream health.

Mia Sarno, MSHN RYT-300 heals the body as a holistic nutritionist interpreting your unique biometric data and spiritual confidence in order to help your gain energy and become well-fed daily. Assessments are online or in-person in San Diego, CA USA