Your FIrst Visit With Mia Loya, MSHN (20% off)

Starting your health journey with a certified nutritionist can be a relief. Quit your endless guesswork of what meals, habits and attitudes will get you looking and feeling your best. 

This appointment is the first step to better understanding your biometrics so you can begin to take the daily actions for change. No matter where you are at on your journey, you’ll get clarity and confidence from an expert ready to answer all your questions and provide focused solutions to save you time and effort as you create a sustainable healthy lifestyle. 
60-minute consultation includes: 
  • Review of 3 holistic health evaluation forms
  • Review of current lifestyle and desired upgrades
  • Review Current Supplements or Fx Test Results
  • Anchor the vision of your future self
  • Set realistic timeline for weight-loss, detoxification, and/or healing of inflammatory/digestive conditions.

Exploration Sessions

Are you a busy professional juggling family and work leaving little time for self-care? With our efficient, 45-minute Exploration Sessions clients are able to stay on track with their energy, health and nourishing lifestyle.

Available until feb. 1st 2023

In a private 1:1 setting clients develop a deeper sense of self-awareness and create less stressful habits in all categories of their personal lives using our Holistic Health 4 Quadrants of Change.



Stress + % Action Impact. There are three types of stress that impact a client’s fulfillment, performance and body.

  • Physical Stress is considered any physical impact, effort or lack thereof and should be considered throughout the day. This “impact” can be positive or negative. For example, a sedentary lifestyle is negative to somebody looking to lose weight and exercise more. In contrast, an overachieving performer that burns out from exhaustion may also have a negative stress impact.
  • Chemical Stress comes from body inputs such as food, liquid or endo/exotoxins, pleasure items and airborne environmental toxins. The biochemical interferences that hinder your desired health outcomes can be a result from systemic inflammation, “dead calories”, poor sleep habits, travel and medications. You are unique!
  • Emotional Stress is considered to be any mental stress that relates to inner feelings, emotions, attitudes and belief patterns. This “impact” is focused on growing positive attitudes and shifting beliefs toward self-confidence. Each emotional stress reveals spirtitual life lessons regardless of the label of good or bad experience.


Confidence Goal Setting


Intentionality is a success marker for clients to reflect on as they progress toward their desired results. The Well Fed Warrior System uses ancient wisdom and universal truths to connect “the why” to changing health and lifestyle for the better.

Clients are respectfully inspired toward creating their own personalized relationship to the spiritual attitudes of abundance, positivity and loving-kindness when interacting with others in the external world.






Using these general concepts, conversation can be navigated to a deeper understanding of the client’s tendencies toward or away from these universal faith principles and contexted to their culture if necessary.



Digital Food Tracking

If we know power comes when you feel clear and aligned to the tasks at hand then it’s important to practice feeling this to create confidence. 

Experiencing your relationship to food by using the math of nutrition helps you practicing eating well for your body. Depending on your goals, these numbers change. Not matter your cirucmstances knowing portions, quality and food budgeting can help you reach your goals. 

This is reviewed every session using the PracticeBetter app given to you upon commiting to consistent care and completing your first food journal and vitality report.


Carbs, Proteins, Fats

Water Intake


Sodium and Sugar 



Mastering Mindfulness

From a holistic perspective, everything in life is interconnected. We train high performing professionals and business owners to master their biology, culture and perspective.

Explore who you desire to become or who your business success needs you to be.

Nourish your body and brain for powerful actions toward that vision.

Maintain a sense of confidence as you navigate life before, during and after lifestyle changes inside our programs and services.

Creative expression from the inside out is how attracting more of what you want out of life begins. Modern life bombards us with other’s perspectives, desire and aims. Standing tall in confidence about your needs and wants creates more peace internally. The practice of self-regulation promotes confidence, boundaries and positive filters of perspective about yourself, health and tasks.


  • Regulate All Forms of Stress (biological, chemical, emotional)
  • Overcome Fitness Hesitations
  • Plan Weight Loss + Detoxification
  • Establish Personal Confidence
  • Powerfully Communicate Personal Needs
  • Organize Personal Self-Care Lifestyle

Holistic Nutrition Review

During this 3-day assessment we begin with a 30 minute comprehensive check up. It’s during this session that you will plan your timeline to evaluate yourself for 3 days in a digital holistic food journal. Because we have inherent ways that we think about ourselves, we evolve as we begin to practice measuring portions, hunger, satisfaction and other biometric data points. After submitting your journal, you’ll receive a Vitality Report and 60-min Review specific to you with all necessary biomarkers and suggestions for change.


When it comes to holistic health it’s important to know how we view ourselves, what we stand for, how we show up and set boundaries. As a certified clinical nutritionist, I will help you define and discover the fastest path to your health desires.



  • Track Calories, Nutrients and Body Functions
  • Unconfuse Health Plan for Desired Results
  • Measure Hunger and Mealtime Nourishment and Satisfaction
  • 60-minute Comprehensive Nutrition and Lifestyle Consultation
  • Weight loss + Detoxification Weekly Plan
  • Educate Self-Care Strategies necessary for faster results

12-Week Holistic Health Sprint

This 12-week program teaches you how to amplify your personal and professional life, build confidence and recognize a new normal is possible to maintain. Each person begins with a 90-minute Vision and Goals session to kick off their 12-week journey. This is often the first time clients have been intentional in thinking about who they are, what they want and the tendencies and beliefs that come up in their daily life.


We believe that intimacy creates consistency, so in order to help clients value this we show them details of their biochemical individuality, leadership styles and physical environment.



  • 1 Full Service Nutritional Planning and Supplement Protocol
  • 1 Vision and Goals Session (90 min)
  • 6 Biweekly Exploration Sessions and 24/7 Text Support (45-min each)
  • 5 SMART Categories for Healthy New Habit, Biometric, and Leadership Goals
  • Well Fed Warrior Portal Membership (on-demand learning)
  • Self-Care Strategy Creation With Expert Advisor
  • Seasonal Bonuses for extra support and biometric understanding

Year Long Natural Detoxification

This year long program helps you gain mastery over your unique biological needs and establish a new culture and perspective for your day to day life. With consistent goals, check-ins and education the vision of your dream life becomes reality with every action you take. Each person begins with a 90-minute Vision and Goals session to kick off their detoxification process. Those that do best during a long-term lifestyle change have greater than 20 pounds to lose or recently experienced a big life change either personally or professionally.

NEXT Start DAte: JUNE 2024

We believe that a safe space to express your personal health experience is integral for lasting vitality. In this program leverage expert nutrition knowledge to safely change your body and mind. Each reevaluation client’s leave encouraged to continue down their path, knowing their biometric benchmarks are correct for changing the body for the better.



  • 4 Full Service Nutritional Planning and Supplement Protocol
  • 1 Vision and Goals Session (90 min)
  • 50 Exploration Sessions and 24/7 Text Support (45-min each)
  • 5 SMART Categories for Healthy New Habit, Biometric, and Leadership Goals
  • Well Fed Warrior Portal Membership (on-demand learning)
  • Self-Care Strategy Creation With Expert Advisor
  • Seasonal Bonuses for extra support and biometric understanding

Kitchen Clean-up

As I support clients looking to lose weight or detoxify their current lifestyle I always ask two questions:

How often do you cook at home allowing you to control additives like excess sugar and salt? What percentage of the food you eat is processed or packaged?

I will teach you to get curious about what you’re putting into your body to learn how it’s affecting you. I will also walk you through how to create intentions and set your environment up for success, so you can stick to your goals with accountability and show up for yourself better every day.



  • Refresh Meal Preparing Systems (timing, containers, organization)
  • Eliminate of old, toxic products
  • Renew inspiration for healthy cooking
  • Teach how-to manage meal schedules for metabolism
  • Innovate Weekly Kitchen Routine
  • Build aligned habits for your desired lifestyle

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*These services do not diagnose, cure or treat medical issues