What are the Benefits of GLA?

What are the Benefits of GLA?

Gamma linolenic acid, or what is more commonly known as GLA, is a fatty acid belonging to the omega-6 family of essential fats. This special fatty acid can usually be found in high quantities in plant seeds. GLA is one of the most useful fats our bodies need to retain their health and functioning. The most common sources of GLA include the seeds’ oil of evening primrose plant as well as that of the Borage plant.

GLA is used for treatment purposes by those suffering from nerve damage, diabetes, hypertension, eczema, arthritis, etc. However, GLA is not merely used as a proper and prescribed medicine by patients only. Rather is also exceptionally beneficial for our overall bodily health if taken in decent amount.

Here are a few most important uses and health benefits one can avail from GLA’s consumption:

Nourishes your skin, hair, and nails

Most part of the human skin, nails, and hair is made up of such cells that cannot nurture and grow unless the body has essential storage and supply of GLA. Consuming GLA makes these cells supple, healthier, and makes them healthy. This has direct effects on your body’s integumentary system. You will yourself notice your skin cracks healing and your nails becoming shinier than before once after a regular GLA intake. GLA intake also makes your hair healthier and voluminous than before. GLA protects the skin from aging effects too as it has the potential to retain moisture & elasticity within the skin.

Repairs damaged nerves

A consistent oral intake of GLA for 6-8 months has been observed as a miraculous remedy for the patients of diabetes having damaged nerves. Over time and with use, GLA not only repairs the ruptured and damaged nerves in body but also prevent the further damage too. Diabetic patients who sufficiently control their sugar intake are likely to be benefited from GLA more.

Prevents Cardiac issues

GLA has been found as one of those few fatty acids that prevent the clumping and aggregation of blood cells and platelets. This property makes GLA a great preventive element against the cardiac diseases. GLA has the potential to stop clot formation, thus preventing the clogging and blockade of arteries and ventricles. GLAs have also been studied and proved to provide strength to the heart’s walls and upper cellular layer in the early years of human development. GLA have also but a little role in breaking down and lowering the levels of Triglycerides and lipoproteins thus protecting your heart.

Helps in reducing weight

GLA has been just recently found out as a great antagonist against obesity. Even when it is classified as a fatty acid itself, it helps your body in reducing the fats. GLA promotes the formation of prostaglandins – hormones that work to speed up the metabolism. This helps the body in faster fat burning and calorie reduction thereby bringing a reduction in the overall body mass.

Hormonal imbalances and inflammation within the body can lead to severe PMS and cause menopausal issues. GLA helps women with all such problems by preventing inflammation and promoting the production of a few hormones that help with such issues. An insufficient amount of research on the related topic has proved that women experience a better mood and lesser pains after a consistent GLA intake is ensured.

Fights Diabetes

An enough amount of GLA intake helps and boosts the working of the body’s internal GLA production mechanism. If the conversion of fatty acids to GLA does not happen in the way it is supposed to be, it can lead to insulin-resistant diabetes. GLA also helps in the restoration of normal antioxidants within the body tissues thus preventing artificially or chemically induced diabetes too.

Other Benefits of GLA:

A few others, yet not fully proven, benefits of GLA for our bodies include the following:

  • Heals the cracked and dry epidermis caused due to issues like eczema and other such skin issues.
  • Helps ease the pain caused due to arthritis by reducing inflammation in bones and joints, specially the weight-bearing ones.
  • Promoted digestion
  • A limited amount of research suggests the intake of GLA as an act that prevents the inappropriate and an uncontrolled cell cluster formation. This has indirect but strong effect against the formation and spread of cancerous cells.